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The word balance comes from late Latin for ‘having two scale-pans’, and that’s understandable, as the most popular physical manifestation of balance for people seems to be the scale. But of course, meanings are usually stories that never truly end.

We believe that balance in your life, is your ultimate, personal wisdom. You may not agree, and we get it, life is simultaneously long and short, we sometimes spiral into deep thought, and sometimes we make it out slightly disturbed but ready to drop the cause of the disturbance, sometimes we come out with a personal consensus for what true wisdom is. But here at House Variety, we serve cherished clients with as much devotion as we believe that you can craft balance; you can craft your ultimate wisdom. Except it’s a big world, wisdom isn’t something you can spend two weeks working on and say that you have a definitely complete picture of, because there’s always something to learn, and so, we’re here to journey alongside you as both you and our team search for our personal paths to ultimate wisdom.

We believe that ultimate balance starts from your home. Home is personal, and at our very core, home is ever-present, so it makes sense to start from creating a balanced aura in your home before you move on to other areas of your life. A lot of factors attribute to balance: what you want, what you need, items with auras that complement and enhance your home’s aura, etc, and we have the tools needed to balance the aura in your home. Also, our emails contain small nuggets of wisdom that our team sought, found and is ready to share with you so that you can use them to refine your household life’s balance.

Okay, now that we’re starting our journey, you and our team, we should say what home is to us. For us, a home is a most valuable place, a place built alongside the people most important to you, some permanent piece within you that can never be taken away, and what’s important to you is truly valuable to us, and such places deserve balance. Additionally, we believe everything has energy, and ultimately, well, a soul! Your house has a soul too, and much like we wish to surround ourselves with people, environments and objects that just, click with us in a subconscious search for personal balance, personalizing your home is a step towards balancing your home’s aura!

One step towards personalizing your home is understanding what kind of environment you want to build! Naturally, the next step is finding decor that can help shape your home into the home you want it to be. Now, this step takes time, it can be hard, may be easy, it’s all up to you, but nonetheless, all your effort you put into crafting balance in your home should be celebrated! Hence why we want our services to benefit you as much as we possibly can.

House Variety is a temple of living choice.

We’ll let the statement above echo in your head for a bit. We know, it’s cheesy, but it’s sincere and true to our beliefs and values, and we value you as clients under our meticulous care! Again, cheesy, but really, our team put in weeks and care to find products of good quality, of a variety of aesthetics and of a range of prices, so that you can find decor that connects with you and your home’s aura. We know how easy it is to get lost in the throes of the wide, wide web that is the Internet, so hopefully our decor selection is easily navigable!

Oh right, a concern. We all get, well, for the sake of it let’s say ‘times’ (not crises), when we hesitate in front of a decor piece and think: ‘Wait. Will this mess my interior design up?’ And then your mind proceeds to gape and you internally go ‘boom’ before you somehow get yourself together again because we all internally, subconsciously make things bigger than they seem. Or maybe your concern’s about the price, or the question of whether decor’s necessary at all (which can sometimes lead to an existential crisis we will not talk about). Either way, all we have to say is that you would know what you want your house to have or be like best. So don’t internally combust or berate yourself or doubt yourself or any of that. If you feel a connection with a decor piece (a potential contribution to your search for a path leading to ultimate balance!), a connection with a decor’s soul (which you can get a brief feel for when you read the decors’ poem greetings for you in the product descriptions), buy it and see how it fits in with your home! Observe how it fits into your lifestyle, whether it’s helpful, or not, and if it’s not, then that’s what we have our 45-days return policy for!

We sincerely want you to enjoy this journey towards finding a path leading to your personal, ultimate wisdom. Take your time, take care of your house, take care of your home, and ultimately, take care of yourself. We’ll always be here if you need, we’ll stick around, so, see you!


Like always, kindest regards and we know you are building your balance! Keep going=)

House Variety LTD.